Lite Paper

We are the 4th token released by the MemeCoinUniverse team. This token has four deflationary revenue streams. Each letter of LAND has a corresponding revenue stream. L: Learn/Lease, A: Auctions, N: NFT, D: DAO Staking.   

L: Learn/Lease

Our goal is to build the best community in crypto and we plan on doing that by teaching all of our holders about the Metaverse, NFT’s, Technical Analysis, and crypto in general through a series of classes. No matter your expertise or experience there is always something to learn. We want to give back to the people investing in us and we feel this is a great way. Moving on to leasing, we want to lease our properties to game developers or store owners. This will bring in consistent buybacks every month. If we cannot lease out a property we will be staking it at the minimum. Preferably we want to stake the land and lease the property so we will be making money for buybacks by simply owning the property.  

A: Auctions

The prices that are set on Open Sea, or any other third party website, have been talked through by the team. There will be times where we feel like a quick flip is a better decision than holding for a long period of time. It depends on how the other revenue streams are doing and if we are in need of a buyback. This revenue stream is completely up to the team’s expertise and research on a specific piece of property. We want to look for properties that bring value to the metaverse and aren’t just a blank piece of property. We see the value of land in the future to be derived from what the land represents and what perks come with owning that property. There are tons of metaverses that are being created and launched every month, so we would love to hear about any metaverse that you may know of.


This revenue stream connects to the learning aspect of the L revenue stream. We will be teaching our holders how to create NFT’s, avatars, buildings, furniture and more in blender. There will be a beginner class and an intermediate class. The beginner class will be led by @thecryptoethan and @cryptofinactic; the intermediate class will be taught by ………. Not only are we teaching classes but we will also have a NFT mall where you can sell your NFT’s. 80% of the profits will go back to the creator of the NFT and 20% will be going back to the token for buybacks. So not only are you making money from having someone teach you and sell it for you, but you are also helping the coin and your money grow! We want to build a solid community and feel like this is a great way.

D: DAO Staking

This revenue stream is dedicated to the long term holders who believe in the team and the project. DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization which is an organization run completely by the holders and your amount of tokens dictates how many votes you get. Some DAOs offer a very high apy for staking their token. We are invested in two different DAOs, Wonderland and Titano V2. We chose these two DAOs because they have high apy’s and an active team. We have been staking the two DAOs since mid-April. DAOs work off of compound interest. So the return starts off very slow and multiplies on itself over time. When about day 90 hits the compound interest is high enough we should be doubling our tokens every couple of days. We have gotten two months of compounding out of the way prior to launch. This means the buybacks will start coming much earlier from these DAOs then it would’ve if we started on launch. The reason we say it will reward the long term holders is because the DAOs take a long time to start up. For more information about DAOs we are investing in read the Investments Section..

Our Investments (So Far)



We have bought two metaverse plots so far. The first one we purchased was a premium plot, coordinates: (-180, -181) in the Sandbox metaverse. This plot is bordering the bottom left part of the Binance plot on the bottom left part of the metaverse. Binance has spent millions in the Sandbox metaverse and we are bordering their best plot. Very recently Binance bought many more properties on the same side as we are on. We bought the plot for two ethereum and it is currently listed for 8 ethereum. If this were to sell there would be 4 eth for buybacks and 4 to buy more properties.


Our second metaverse investment is in a brand new metaverse called Bloktopia. It is a 21 story skyscraper (after 21 million Bitcoin) full of stores. This metaverse is trying to be the biggest mall; it already has partnerships with BitBoy, Polygon, Solana, Binance, Jake Paul, KuCoin, and the list goes on and on. This metaverse is in 16K resolution which makes it indistinguishable from real life. We were able to buy it from their land sale for around 1.5 ethereum. It is currently listed for 10 ethereum on Open Sea. This land isn’t like the Sandbox’s land because this land represents 1/100th ownership of the store. The companies mentioned above are renting out the store from the land holders to sell merchandise. There are 100 NFT’s per store sold to the public. Because we are an owner of the store we collect 1/100th of the rent each month. This land gives us passive income to make buybacks every month. We bought it on the fourth floor of the skyscraper. Currently the renter of this store is unrevealed, so we won’t know who is renting it until the Metaverse comes out in Q4 of this year.


The first DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) we invested in is called Wonderland. This DAO gives out a fluctuating apy, meaning that the apy changes constantly. We have been invested in this DAO since mid-april and the apy has stayed around 77,000%. A month or two after launch the compound interest will be high enough that we will see our tokens go up exponentially, outpacing the inflation caused by the algorithm. When this happens we can start pulling out profit from these DAOs at any time. Eventually we would like multiple DAO wallets collecting 77,000% every month and make a large buyback every week.


The second DAO we are invested in is called Titano V2. Unlike Wonderland, this DAO has a fixed apy of over 102,000%. This means that it does not matter how many people are staking in the DAO or what the token price is, the apy will stay the same. Once the DAO wallets hit the maximum compounding rate we will be taking out profits very often for buybacks. Once multiple wallets have reached the maximum compounding rate there will be daily DAO buybacks.

Community DAO:

DAOs, as explained before, are organizations controlled by the holders. We are creating a community DAO where the top 20 holders get to vote on what to do with the reflections from the community DAO wallet. The community DAO wallet contains 20% of the token supply. This will collect a significant amount of reflections and in turn give the top holders a lot of power in deciding some of the investments for the token. There will be a separate, private, telegram for the top 20 holders only. These holders can vote on anything metaverse, NFT, or cryptocurrency related to invest in, it’s completely up to the top 20 holders. This is intended to create a solid foundation of big investors who believe in the project and care about its direction.


This project is completely geared toward creating the best community in cryptocurrency and this token reflects that. Eventually, we want holders to be leading the blender classes, paid based on the amount of people who join your class. The community DAO gives the biggest holders control over some of the investments, creating a strong whale community. Multiple members of the team are skilled technical analysis traders that give their insight into the market every AMA. The four unique revenue streams are each one of a kind that are shaped to maximize profits for buybacks. We plan on having each revenue stream firing on all cylinders just a few months after launch. Remember, Shiba Inu wasn’t built overnight, WAGMI.


-6% Ethereum reflections

6% of buys and sales will be distributed to the holders and your amount of reflections is based on the amount of supply you own.

-Total Supply: 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million) 

-50% of supply is locked away in the VAULT

-20% of tokens are in the community DAO wallet

-23% of supply Sold at Presale

For presale there were around +/- 60 participants. We are using a vesting system, meaning that presalers get 25% of their tokens at launch and then 25% more every two weeks thereafter until they have received their full token amount. The reflections will still be collecting as if the presalers had 100% of their tokens. We did this to avoid presale dumps and presale jeets trying to make a quick buck.

-7.5 Ethereum starting liquidity

-7% Loaded to Uniswap

-Starting price: $0.0017

Taxes: 24% Total

-12% Buy and Sell tax

-5% of buys and sells are used for new investments and marketing

-1% Contract fee to Defiant

-6% Ethereum reflections


Week 1 TAX: 34% Total

12% Buy

22% Paper-hands sell tax for the first week